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 Introduction of our analysis technique

■Wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescence analyzer (XRF)
When X rays are irradiated, peculiar fluorescent X-rays are discharged from each element that exists in the sample. The existing element can be specified by measuring the radiation from this sample. The amount of each element that exists in the sample can be specified by measuring strength of the radiation. Thus, We can promptly analyze from major element to minor element by using 5 Dispersing Crystal.

■ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer
When plasma energy is given to an analysis sample from outside, the component elements (atoms) are excited. When the excited atoms return to low energy position, emission rays (spectrum rays) are released. The element type is determined based on the position of the photon rays, and the content of each element can be determined based on the rays' intensity. ICP can analyze the minor component accurately.

■X-ray diffraction analyzer (XRD)
RIGAKU Multi Flex
When X rays are irradiated, peculiar X-rays spectrum are discharged from the sample. The crystallographic structure of the sample can be determined by analyzing this spectrum.

■Laser Diffraction, Scattering, Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
To detect light scattered information, we can measure the particle size distribution. Measurement capability is from 0.02 to 1400 microns covering most particle size analytical requirements.

■Preparation Machine
RIGAKU Portable High Frequency Bead sampler
Powder sample is molded to glass bead. Analysis accuracy is much improved while sample is non-crystallized by bead and avoided the influence from mineralogical structure changes.


Chamber for chemical reaction under high temperature and high pressure. Max pressure 10kg/cm2.

■Compressive Strength Tester
Hydraulic compressive strength testing machine. Max pressure 100tf

■Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus
Measuring equipment for specific surface area (cm2/g)

■Density Meter
We can calculate the density of the sample by measuring the volume from pressure gas and the weight.

■Crushing Equipment
Jaw crusher
Roll crusher
Ball mill

Dry magnetic separator
Table separator
Spiral separator

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