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• Name TOKAI KOGYO Co., Ltd.
• Head office Shiba boat bldg 6F, Shiba 3-1-15, Minato-ku Tokyo, JAPAN. 105-0014
• Capital ¥400 million
• Founded March 16, 1938
• Share Holders AGC Co., Ltd.(100%) Homepage URL:
• Phone 81-3-5419 9010
• Facsimile 81-3-5419 9018

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Tokai Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded at Ugusu, Kamo Village(Izu), Shizuoka Pref. with ¥1 million capital by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

1939 Izu Silica Sand for sheet glass production was started at Izu site.
1958 Started Izu Silica Sand flour production.
1962 Nagoya Site was constructed at Ohata, Toyota City, Aichi Pref. and started silica sand production for sheet glass production.
1964 Froth floatation process was constructed at Nagoya Site and started silica sand and feldspar for sheet glass production.
1965 Izu Silica Sand was first shipped for ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete) production.
1970 Capital increment to ¥400 million.
1974 Crushing and sieving plant was constructed at Izu Quarry to increase ALC silica sand production.
1986 Taiwan Tokai Kouko Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan to produce silica sand and feldspar for TV glass production by froth floatation.
1987 [Building materials Business Division] was formed.
1988 [Overseas Business Division] was formed.
1989 Started CEL-STAR® (micro glass balloon) production at Nagoya Site.
1990 Jointly with Kawatetsu Mining Co.,Tokai acquired Toritsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd which runs mining and manufacturing of Silica.
2006 ISO14001 registration participates in Asahi Glass group integration EMS formally by this.
2008 "Nagoya Site"was replaced into "Toyota Office".
2009 The entire of our company registered ISO9001.
2009 The Danang resident office is established in Vietnam.
2014 Taiwan Tokai Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Is established in Taiwan.
2018 Started selling sillica sand from Malaysia.

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