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Management Policy

Our Mission
We are based on resources industry and supply the value added products and the solution which are differentiated by technology and service.

Our Management Policy
Tokai Kogyo will cultivate deeply the business field where we can expected a reasonable profit in keeping with our mission. And we aim to increase the products and services which are rated as Product No.1, Area No.1, Customer satisfaction No.1, and to become the company which has presence in a niche business field.

1. Customer Focus
2. Unique Capability
3. Employee Oriented
4. Public Responsibility

Fundamental Policy On Our Business Activities
Tokai kogyo, as a global company, observe all law and its spirit, and perform fair and transparent management according to a social ethics. We decided our fundamental policy on our business activities as follows.
1. We observe all law and its spirit, and perform our business activities with good sense in accordance with a social ethics faithfully.
2. We will strive to supply good product and services in the aspect of quality, price, safety and others by catching accurate needs of a market and a customer.
3. We will strive not only to create free and active ways of our company by respecting humanity and educating employees, but also to secure employee's safety and health, and we will make eudeavor to promoto composure and more time to spent.
4. We will not only try our best positively for keeping the earth environment, but also support all activities for keeping the earth environment.
5. We aim at coexistence and coprosperity by creating mutual reliance and cooperative relation between persons concerned with our company such as shareholders, customers, venders and local community.
6. As a good corporate citizen, we will strive not only to improve our activities but also to support other activities which contribute to society and culture.
7. We decisively confront an antisocial power and party who brings about a threat on the order and safety of civilian society.

Quality Management Policy
We esteem "AGC Group Quality Management Basic Outline" as a member of the AGC Group, provide this quality policy, and provide the matters of following.
1. We establish the sincere and effective Quality Management System which covers not only for the quality of our products but also all of our business activities including our office administration and services.
2. We eradicate all claims origined in quality by basing on ISO9000 technique and improving the effectiveness of ISO9000 continuously.
3. We keep and follow all laws and every requirements of requlations, and we always act from respecting customers point of view.
4. We secure the necessary resources by improving technical pontentiality for offering our value added products and solutions which is discriminated by technique and services based onour missions.
5. Each of our general manager establish their own Department Quality Management Policy, Quality Target and Action Plan.
6. We set up the Quality, Environment & Safty meeting and periodically review the progress condition of these activities and the suitability of existing Quality Management System.

Environmental Policy
At AGC Group we recognize that our businesses activities, by using a large amount of resources and energy, have an impact on the environment. In line with AGC Group vision "Look Beyond", we have set the "environment" as one of our company shared values and we are committed to take actions accordingly.
We are also committed to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society as an outstanding player in the global Materials Industry by efficiently utilizing limited resources and energy and by taking account into due consideration our impact on the natural environment, including climate change and biodiversity.
Let's all contribute to environmental activities, as a good global citizens.
Environmental codes of conduct
We commit to adhere to the following key principles:
1. Improve the environmental performance continuously, in accordance with environmental management system.
2. Comply with internal and external relevant environmental rules worldwide.
3. Set goals and do our utmost towards improving environmental impact of our business by addressing responsible use of resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste avoidance and recycling, as well as appropriate management of chemicals substances.
4. Strive to offer to society our products, service and technologies taking into due consideration their environmental impacts.
5. Communicate about our progress to our internal and external stakeholders.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
AGC Group will manage its occupational health and safety ("OH & S") under the policy of "No production should be operated without assurance of safety", and our leaders will ensure that our OH & S policy should be communicated, understood, and implemented throughout our Group and that all of our employees should be actively involved in the promotion of the health, safety and well-being in our work environment.
We will address any possible issues in occupational injuries and illnesses to achieve continuous improvement in our OH & S performance, based on the following guideline of "Five Axes of OH & S".
1. We will focus on Risk Assessments and prevention to make our OHSMS more effective.
2. We will further improve on-site occupational health and safety programs and activities that involve all employees and develop a sustainable OH & S culture.
3. Our leaders will ensure a safe work environment for our employees and foster well-being within our AGC community.
We will ensure that OH & S is designed into our equipment and operations, and look for continuous improvement in our work environment.
4. We will implement OH & S activities in all production line activities and ensure compliance.
5. We will encourage proactive employee participation in all OH & S activities inspired by open, honest and fair interactions and communications.

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