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1st. Apr Kitakantou Office (Tochigi-Pref) of Water Treatment System Div.was closed and Koriyama Branch Office(Koriyama-city Fukushima-Pref) was newly established.
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31th. Mar Nagoya Site was withdrawn from the production of Ohata Fusen Sand, Ohata Feldspar, Yakusa Suihi Clay, White Sand and Ohata Dry Sand. Manufacturing and selling of CEL-STAR is continued. The company will newly start production of "TOP-SILICA Series" instead of Ohata Fusen Dry Sand from July,2004. Sale of White Sand, Dry Sand, Cela-Green will be continued by OEM production.
27th. Feb lzuSite of Silica Rock Div was registered into the quality management system JIS Q 9001:2000, ISO9001:2000(No.JSAQ1912)
30th. Jau Sohma Site was closed.
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6th. Aug Tohoku office(Morioka-city) was closed and Shizuoka office
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23th.Jau Kansai office moved to new address as below. Telephone number is not changed.

Minamimorimachi-Yachiyo Bldg 7F, Minamimori-machi 2-2-9, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka, Japan 530-0054
Please get off the subway Tanimachi line at Minami morimachi station.
Coming out No? exit and one minute walking.
1st. Jau Tokai Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Tokai Kamotsu Jidosha Co., Ltd. merged together.
Tokai kamotsu Jidosha Co., Ltd. was dissolved on this date.
All business workings of Tokai Kamotsu Jidosha have been inherited by Tokai Enterprise Co., Ltd.

26th. July CEL-STAR® factory was approved and got theliceuse of ISO9001 (2001 base) and registered its license number (registered No: JSAQ1483)
30th. Apr Abandoned to deal the ceramic type outside wall material " AG-WALL ". For inguiring this " AG-WALL " please contact Asahi Glass corporation.
9th. Apr We have revised our company profile based on 2002 version. you can download this profile from company out line of our home pages.
1st. Apr We have changed our company origanizations.
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4th. Dec FLUMEN (Kitchen garbage treatment disposer system) got the ackowleged license. (Ackowleged license No: Ibaraki Medical Institution D No48, No49)
6th. June Products information of Water Treatment Systems Division were revised.
15th. Jau We opened our home pages.

4th. Dec The product name of the ceramic type outside wall " HONBAN " was changed to " AG-WALL ".
26th. June We renewed the product intormations of Water Treatment Systems Division.
26th. May We opened our home pages.

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