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White Sand
White sand is pure silica sand after removing away colored grains and used for golf course bunker-sand and interlocking block due to its whiteness color.

Adopted USGA (United States Golf Association) indication
Contrast whiteness reflected with green
Grain shape is very round
Less weathering due to pure silica

Sample photo of interlocking blocks

[used for]
Bunker-sand, Interlocking blocks, Resin concrete, Beach sand

Grade Chemical composition Grain size
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3
WS20 95 2.5 0.1 33501400µ
WS30 95 2.5 0.1 2360850µ
WS35 95 2.5 0.1 2000150µ

Golf-courses, Athletic Stadium And For Sport Facilities, etc
Grade Chemical composition Grain size
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3
Aomori-sand 2,000µ Max
Fukushu-sand 96 2,36075µ
Sand for artificial turf 91 4.7 0.5 1,000250µ
Rubber chips various types

We are providing various type of silica sands which will satisfy our customar's requirements.

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