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Glass Roofing Tile-"Glass Kawara"
"Glass kawara" is the top light system which use a special glass tile for roofing.
Out coming sun light can easily come in a house through this "Glass kawara" because of its transparency.
This units are consist of "Glass kawara" itself and some other assembly materials.

This product is manufactared by AGC Inc., our parent company, and we are distributing this product to whole Japan, through famous ceramic tile maker located in Sansyu Sekisyu and Awaji area.

"Glass kawara" Japanese(wa)-type wa53A type
wa53B type
wa56, 60 type
Plain-type HY type
Western type western M, S type

•  We are providing six types which are same dimension with ceramic clay "kawara"
•  You can adopt this material freely like L letter design on big space etc.
•  Easily putting and attaching to the roof without ruggedness.
•  Perfectly preventing the rain drops coming into house.
•  After putting, little anxiety about breakage and damage because of lower thermal expansion characteristic and its strength on physical property.

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