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Sewage treatment system

Dispose Equipment
Good bye bad smell!!

Saving waste time for taking heavy raw garbage out.
Keeping kitchen clean because you can treat raw garbage whenever it comes out.
No bad smell in kitchen area because you can often grind and flush out raw garbage by this disposer equipment.


License No.
Personal Housing (TDH type) Japanese Medical Autharity DNo.48 (Jan,15.2002)
Apartment Building (TMD • TFD • TCDtype) Japanese Medical Autharity DNo.49 (Jan.15.2002)

Types and grades Numbers of People numbers Families Treatment capacity
Personal housing TDH type 510 1 1.252.5
Apartment and small mansion TMD type 8182 252 245.5
Mansion TFD type 70630 20180 17.5157.5
TCD type 705000 201428 17.51250
Kitchen for Business use DS type 18400
DSC type 352000

• Flow Sheet

Water Treatmet System

1. Disposer putting in kitchen garbage and flushing water and switch on.Raw garbage will be rotated and grinded with water and finally flushing out through between stabilized blades.
2. Absorbing and ducting out bad smell which are occurring at liquid disintegrating time of kitchen garbage.
3. Bacteria will disintegrate kitchen garbage and make these into liquid conditon.
4. Promote kitchen garbage disintegration.
5. Bacteria will clarify water.
6. Sediment septic tank separate upper side clean water and discharge this clean water outside.
7. Under ground Public water system or next process.

• Not suitable material for disposer treatment.

• Big bone like sparerib.
• Big shells likes oyster, turban shell.
• Stems of flowers or hard peels of bamboos.
• Chopsticks, toothpicks and other wooden materials.
• Metal, glass, ceramics, stone, rubber, paper and vinyl chrolide materials.
• Much cooking oil, acid, alkali cleansing material and other chemical materials.

TOKAI Combined Sewage Treatment Septic Tank is rectangle type so that it is superior and economical due to smaller space and less set up cost.
This treatment septic tank is not easily weathered.
Rectangular septic tank is 20% of cross section area bigger comparing with cylinderal septic tank, and possibly in stalled easily and in small space.
Rectangular septic tank has no dead space for soil buried back.
Rectangular septic tank is very economic because of less expenses and time for installation.
Rectangular septic tank is easily installed because of its top side flat.
TOKAI Combined Sewage Treatment Septic Tank is superior in anti-weathering.

• Product introduction (Combined Sewage Treatment Septic Tank)

Types and grades Outgoing water quality People numbers Treatment system
AS type
20 510 anaerobic contacting bacteria
bed and gas evacuation
TM type
20 1230 separating contacting type
and evacuation type
6TTB type
60 51500 contacting and
evacuation type
sedimentation and
segregation septic tank
3TTB type
30 51500
2TTB type
20 51500
6TRT type
60 101500 contacting gas
evacuation type
flowing guantity
adjusting septic tank
3TRT type 30 101500
2TRT type 20 101500
Small cooperated Combind Sewage Treatment Septic Tank type TM (1230persons) has an option in which raw-pump chamber, and out going water pump chamber are installed inside.
TTB type, TRT type are installed out-going water chamber but raw-water pump chamber will be an option.
All TOKAI Combined Sewage Treatment Septic Tank are registered product by sewage treatment regulations and construction laws.

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